Face Mask Fashion Trends in 2021

Face Mask Fashion Trends in 2021

Now that we’re at the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, it may be a good time to retire some of those cloth face masks you purchased last spring. Experts recommend replacing reusable masks every six to 12 months, especially if you’ve been washing them after each use.

Masks have become an essential part of our everyday wardrobes, and it looks like they will be for quite some time. And whether you’re looking to replenish your supply of reusable three-layer masks, or are simply ready to add a cute, novel accessory to your daily routine, there are lots of fashionable new designs to choose from these days (including cute face mask chains!).

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From cozy, extra-warm designs to fancy masks with fashionable details to pretty floral styles with extra-long ties, here are five stylish mask trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2021.

Black Face Masks

If you’re wondering which color to choose for your face mask, our first recommendation would certainly be to give a black face mask a try.

Not only does black do a good job of hiding scuffs, but it can also complement just about any outfit. A black mask arguably looks best with an outfit that is also all-black. This gives the impression that the mask is less of an afterthought and more of an orchestrated outfit element.

Creative Face Masks

A face mask is a great way to let your personality shine through. When choosing a mask, there is nothing saying that you have to stick to a solid, ordinary color. Going with an energetic pattern, such as a geometric style or animal print, can help you stand out above the rest.

If you are finding it difficult to find masks of this variety, it may be the perfect time to experiment with your sewing skills — you never know what you will be able to create on your own!

K-Pop Style Face Masks

The world of K-Pop fashion can show the rest of the world how it’s done when it comes to fashionable masks. If you’re nervous about adding a mask to your closet, take cues from K-Pop stars.

They pull off a sleek look by pairing their masks with that classic K-Pop style, like oversized pants and jackets, ballcaps, and ripped jeans.

Streetwear Face Mask Outfits

Fortunately for all of us, wearing a mask actually pairs well with streetwear fashion. Streetwear fashion at its most basic incorporates classic wardrobe staples like jean jackets, sneakers, skinny jeans, and of course, tracksuit.

For best results, make sure that the color of your mask won’t clash with your outfit. If you’re sure to stock up on neutral-colored masks, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Japanese-Style Face Masks

Global pandemics aside, mask use is very popular in Japan. Although many people in Japan wear masks to protect themselves and others against air pollution and illness, they have become such a common item in society that they have certainly become a fashion statement.

Of course, this means that Japan has had more time to perfect their accessory, so Japanese-style masks look slightly different than their western counterparts in that they provide maximum coverage while still being lightweight.