Choosing the right health insurance services

Choosing the right health insurance services

When choosing your health insurance services, there are quite some things to consider including financial strength, claims service, customer service ratings, plan prices, coverage benefits, provider choices, and policy offerings.

Your health insurance service depends mostly on your budget and the place you live will also determine which health insurers you will have access to. It is important to also have in mind that the coverage options vary from state to state. It might take a long process to find a health insurance service that matches all your needs and wants.

Sometimes, it is hard to know how to even begin sorting through different options available. However, to get the best health insurance for you and your family, you can begin by entering your zip code and other necessary information on the health insurance companies’ websites. This will make your search fast and you will be directed to the insurance policies available in your region that may be appropriate with your circumstances.

In this article, we will be talking about the top health insurance services that you can consider when choosing your health insurance policy. However you should still compare their services with other insurance companies before choosing the right one for you by reading reviews on From the reviews, you will get to know which insurance companies to avoid based on complaints about health insurance coverage they provide.

Best insurance companies in the UK 2021

  1. Aetna
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  3. Cigna
  4. United Healthcare


Aetna Health insurance is best for Medicare service and has an excellent reputation. Their Medicare Advantages plans were made available in 264 countries, providing millions more Medicare beneficiaries access to an Aetna plan.

They also offer affordable private health insurance options that include hospitalization, preventive care, office visits, immunizations, and other types of important health care services.

Aetna has a large provider network and this allows members to see an in-network doctor or licensed Doctor and this will provide the greatest savings. Aetna members are also entitled to health coaching, weight loss programs, gym memberships, and more numerous wellness program.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is the best for Nationwide coverage. They offer private health insurance coverage in over 170 countries.

Blue Cross Blue Shield members have access to plans through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs), and Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs).


Cigna is the best health insurance for Telehealthcare. It is a global health insurance company that has 17 million medical customers worldwide served by a global network of 1.5 million healthcare professionals with access to Doctors in 30 different countries.

There are several attractive benefits for Cigna members such as access to flu shot information, home delivery pharmacy, health information helpline, Cigna telehealth connection program, and more.

In terms of financial rating, Cigna has excellent financial strength ratings.

United Healthcare

United healthcare is best for online care. They offer individual insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements for essential care. United Healthcare members have access to online care, such as the privilege to speak with a nurse via a hotline, order prescriptions online, and participate in online wellness programs. They operate 24/7,

Being a member of United Healthcare you can find doctors online, set up appointments, and also speak with a doctor through a mobile device. United Healthcare has a mobile app, once you download this app and do the needful registration you are entitled to all excellent services.

Other health insurance companies include Molina Healthcare, HealthPartners, Harvard Pilgrim, Humana, etc.

When choosing your health care services, it will be of great significance to choose what suits your needs. There are several health insurance companies with different policies.