Amber Necklace – Does it affect?

Amber Necklace – Does it affect?

This time I want to discuss the Amber Necklace. Incidentally, my baby has bought amber necklaces twice. in a different place? Why? because you want to try it, the words are different.

Hopefully, this article can help my moms out there who are still confused about using the amber necklace or not to the baby.

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Q: What is amber?
A: Amber is a fossil from resin (a kind of sap) tree. The resin is produced by the trees themselves to treat damage to the branches or trunks of the tree. Now, these resins become fossilized, and the healing properties are believed to still exist.

Q: What is the way it works?
A: just used, you have to touch the skin because what activates the succinate is the body heat itself. amber itself has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Amber is famous for its adaptogen properties so Amber helps the body to help herself.

Q: What are the benefits of Amber for children – toddlers?
A: The famous amber necklace is now a pain reliever, especially when teething. Many also say Amber can make child sleep more soundly, increase the child’s immune, increase appetite. and others …

What is the main reason I bought the first amber necklace for Arsya because it really relieves pain when it grows? Arsya is one of the children who play very much while growing teeth. You can use fever, fuss and no longer lose your appetite. Plus, Arsya is a child who is hyper salivate. With this amber necklace, it is expected that all the problems will be reduced.

Then what is the effect after the new baby grows teeth using it?

In the early months of the month, the use of amber is indeed visible, drooling is reduced, usually, a day can be changed twice a day, this can last until the afternoon. Fussy when teething is reduced.