A Quick History of Donors

A Quick History of Donors

Things to Know about Egg Donation

Many people cannot give eggs for gestational surrogacy.This can be as a result of genetic or medical complications. For that reason, egg donation can be their way out. Fortunately, many people are willing to donate their eggs to assist such individuals. What’s more, due to scientific progressions; it is now possible to carry out these processes successfully.The egg from the willing donor and the intended father’s sperms are fused to create an embryo. Conversely, there are specific things that medical doctors look at before they let you undergo the egg donation process.Continue reading to understand these factors.

Before you are allowed to donate an egg, the doctors usually review your medical, family history and scan your ovaries to examine if you can be a compatible donor. A donor must not suffer from diseases or any serious medical conditions.

Moreover, they will recommend that you attend a counseling session so that they can examine what motivated you in donating your egg and explain how the process works.Most women donate their eggs only because they empathize with other women, but they are others who do it for the money.Egg donation payments differ depending on some aspects. These factors could include the donor location, experience in egg donation process and willingness to disclose her ethnicity.
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To meet the requirements of being an egg donor, you must be between 18 and 30 years of age. The aim of taking young donors is to reduce the medical risks. More so, this age provides the perfect physiology to donate eggs and quickly recover from the process successfully. Also, some clinics advocate that the donors should have children of their own, for several reasons such as the future fertility risk and your ability to understand what you are giving to another person. Conversely, some hospitals extend the egg donation age to 35 years while others do not allow donors who are below 21 years to donate.
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Before the matching process is initiated, you will be required to sign a written agreement. It ‘s nice to know that the egg donation procedure requires commitment. Here is why.Once they match you with the egg recipient, you will be authorized to take control pills that will synchronize your menstrual cycles. A series of injections follows that is intended to suppress your menstrual cycle. You must take the injections once a day for one to three weeks.Once the follicles have matured, the retrieval process begins. Afterwards, you will be discharged in two hours times once they are through with the process.

I hope this writing has been educative enough on the facts about egg donation.